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After seeing guys dropping like flies during pre-season, including some big, long-term injuries, I wanted to revisit the injury settings.  How do you all feel about the higher settings we implemented last season?  We originally did this to encourage transactions between teams - do you think it helped in that regard?  Do you like the higher settings in general, or were you happier with the lower settings in which fewer injuries occurred?

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I haven't seen what the injuries are yet, but as one of the people who had pushed for more injuries last season, I think the hope (at least for me) was that there would be more MINOR injuries without so many of the multi-month injuries that we've seen lately. Is there any way to tweak the settings for the injury severity? I still like having more injuries, in general, since it keeps me more interested on a day-to-day basis by giving me something to do (I sent in files more frequently last season than the seasons before that, when I'd sometimes go several weeks without needing to send a new file in), and long-term injuries happen sometimes, but fewer season-ending injuries would make this more palatable to the group, I would imagine.

There's only the injury setting it looks like. No way to set the severity or anything. =(

OK guys, I simmed to just after the last ST game. If we want to change injury setting, now's the time to do it. If we get to 4/1, it'll be too late.

I'm willing to give it another season, since we just changed it last season.  If we keep having a bunch of long term injuries though, I'd like to revert back to a lower setting after this next season is over.  One of the things that really scares me about these long term injuries is that players who suffer them sometimes take a nosedive in talent/ability, and they are shadows of the players they used to be.  Pretty sure I've seen multiple times on the OOTP boards (and it makes sense, too) that serious injuries can permanently alter players.

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