Latrobe and New York complete huge trade

Latrobe gets:

SS G. Montano (AAA)
MR D. Hayes (AA)
SP V. Huertas (Majors)
MR M. Mccartney (Majors)
1980 1st round pick from NY (next year's draft)

NY gets:

3B J. Busey (Majors)
CL M. Green (AAA)

Synopsis:  New York gives up two top prospects, plus a first round pick next year and two salary/position dump players to acquire All-Star 3B Busey and promising but inconsistent young closer Green.  Latrobe begins the process of rebuilding, netting two almost-ready, highly touted prospects plus an early draft pick.

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GM Berd accepts this trade, and wishes Busey the best of luck in NY.  He also hopes that the door won't hit Green in the ass as he departs, also.  He also welcomes McCartney back to Latrobe--one of the few players who did not demand to be traded, the ungrateful sots that they are.

Hmm, in game I don't see NYE as having a 1st round draft pick for 1979. Didn't you trade Homer your 1st round pick in 1979 in that Thornton deal?

I see that in the transaction logs. Did you somehow have two but the game isn't aware? The game has kept track of those for a while pretty well.

1980, not 1979  :)

Em, like Berd said, the pick is for the 1980 draft year. You are correct that I traded away my 1979 first round pick to Homer in the Thornton trade. Does the game handle the trading of picks for upcoming years or do we have to remember it for next season?

looks like we have to remember it. I could have sworn I've done trades in OOTP9 that allow you to do future years, but I'm not getting that option now.

Hence my confusion.

I'll create a Traded Draft picks thread for 1980 so we'll remember.

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