Career ending injuries!!!!!!!!!

So, in one SIM, we've had two career ending injuries (at least!).  The Peacocks lost a 28 year old starter (a pretty good one, too).  New York lost far and away their best and only OF prospect to a career ending injury (immediately after he won hitter of the week in AAA).  (And how can you declare a career over with post-concussion syndrome like two days after the initial concussion happens to a 22-year-old kid?!?).

That is ridiculous, and way off base, IMO.  I am now really sorry I didn't argue to return the injury settings back to what they were - the amount of severe, long term injuries appears just way too high for the setting we're running at.  Unbelievably, I think we're running at "Low" now instead of "Very Low" for injury frequency.  I guess the "Normal" setting turns over an entire 25 man roster to injuries during the course of a season...

Anyone else see any career-ending injuries in their system somewhere?  Maybe there was a bug or something - I've never seen two in one SIM before.  Did we even have two all of last season??

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Heh, just one more follow-up to this - in the first SIM, there were 21 major league players that suffered major injuries that will take at least four weeks to heal.  More than half of those were measured in terms of months missed, not weeks.  That also is only in the majors - I haven't even looked at the farm leagues yet.  Yeesh...

How about a new rule that we don't allow career ending injuries to prospects and maybe even players rated 4+ stars?

I HATE the thought of losing a prospect like that. It may be realistic, but it's NOT fun, and prospects are my favorite part about this game.

If I think of losing my stud LF Kirkpatrick to a career ending injury, it makes me sick, but I'm not sure I want to COMPLETELY remove the possibility.

Granted, if these players lose a bunch of ratings immediately, that'd be kind of hard to manually override.

My gut feeling is that even though we had a glut of injuries, over time it's probably just the random nature of things, not so much that anything's changed. We haven't updated our game in a while, that I remember. I haven't checked to see if we're on the latest, either.

I would definitely be supportive of a rule that reduces/removes career-ending injuries.  Long term injuries, I can deal with, but career-enders just really take away a lot of fun. 

I've spent four years developing Treitz, and have him ready for the majors.  I was going to bring him up in June, and I expected that he would be permanent in NY from that point.  He was looking like my #2 hitter for the next six+ years.  Losing him is a big blow.

I'd say anyone under 30 and who rates out as a solid major league player should be considered for "fixing" from career-enders.  They are just random, terrible luck, and I think it is a case where "enjoyment" should trump realism.  After all, if you ran the same SIM again, chances are the guy wouldn't even get hurt, and would probably NEVER suffer a career ending injury.  So, now, do you remove an injury completely, or do you have the hurt guy out for a couple months instead of suffering a career-ender?  Probably fair to have some sort of injury, since the game determined that he suffered an injury, just reduce the severity to something more reasonable...

Heh, I also lost a promising young OF prospect to a CEI about six seasons ago, so NY seems to have terrible injury luck.  If there is a "doom and gloom" or "black cloud" toggle box somewhere associated with the Empire, I'd love to have that toggled back to OFF please.  ;-)

Honestly, I do not think that the length & number of injuries is horrible.  Far more injuries occur in MLB.  The question is do we want our league to mimic that realism?

When the injury settings were on "very low", there seemed to be very few injuries--to the point that I did not pay attention to a player's durability rating.  It just did not matter.  I am not sure if I want to go back to that.  Having injuries mean that I have to juggle my roster around a bit, and adds a little bit of flavor and good natured stress to the game.

CEIs do suck, though.  I would be for some kind of rule.  However, I think all CEIs should be eliminated.  I think it would make it easier administratively.  And it is fair to those "scratch players" who may take their game to the next level had they not gotten a CEI.  ;)

Berd, GM Latrobe Lightning

Yeah, I think I agree with you, Berd. My only hope is that a CEI doesn't automatically kill a player's ratings without us knowing about it.

Once way to combat that would be for the commish to keep a backup of the start of the season handy. Then, if a CEI happens, we open that up, look at the true ratings, and sync them up with the magically un-injured player.

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